Singapūras Satīns

    29.07. Summer Sound stage


    One of the most prominent and hyped hiphop bands in Latvia “Singapūras Satīns” made its debut in late 2015. After releasing their first mixtape on YouTube they quickly gained both general and critical appraise for their unique style, satirical lyrics and fresh sound that stormed the local hiphop music scene.


    Now a household name they are widely known for their hit songs “Es nemāku komatus”, “Paliec pie manis”, “Pūpolsvētdiena”, “Džumī”, “Ir vērts” and many others. Currently the band has released two mixtapes and last summer they released their long awaited debut album “Iespēja Viena” which became one of the most streamed albums of 2017 in Latvia.


    Recently the band announced that they are actively working on new releases for 2018 and planning their national summer tour. You can get familiar with the boys by checking out their YouTube channel or homepage

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