Bucharest was formed in Tel Aviv by Guy Cohavi and Danny Finkenthal, two childhood friends from Jerusalem.
The two wrote, recorded & produced the bandʼs debut album, The self titled “Bucharest”, back in 2011. with the help of musicians Lior Koren
and Yoni Sheleg (Asaf Avidan & The Mojos),
Koren & Sheleg moved to NYC shortly after to pursue personal goals and Danny & Guy went on to find fresh blood to keep the band’s veins
Shortly after, Adiel Goldman, the bandʼs drummer and another close childhood friend joined the band alongside Yaniv Horoviz, a talanted
musician and producer who also takes part in composing and singing on the bandʼs upcoming album.
In the time since “Bucharest” was released the band played numerous shows around Israel, establishing themselves as one of Israel’s most
popular Indie-Rock bands in the blooming DIY scene in Tel-Aviv.
For their new album, “Budapest”, the four decided to record and produce the album themselves using their own studio in downtown Tel Aviv.
The album was recorded all analog on a Tascam tape recorder with Guy Cohavi filling the role of producer and recording engineer. The
result was this extraordinary, Psychedelic yet Poppy Record.
After the recordings, the band went on a successful tour in Germany and Czech Republic in January of 2017 followed by another tour in
Russia, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania including a show at St.Petersburgʼs Steroleto Festival and Latviaʼs famous Positivus Festival.
In February this year the band is already planned to start work on a new record with Rock producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina
Spektor) in Berlin,
followed by the release of “Budapest” and a tour in Germany and Poland and later a summer festivals tour.
The record will be released on ‘I Am You Records’ in May 2018.

Seko Bucharest: