Summer Sound festival offering concerts all week long


In preparation for the festival on 3rd and 4th of August, the City stage will host a variety of concerts in different places in Liepaja for a whole week.


Summer Sound is exploring beyond boundaries this far established and going beyond the classic festival weekend, offering concerts in three different spots in Liepaja three evenings in a row. The City stage will host 15 local newly found and already beloved musicians, including those from Liepaja, and they will be warming up the city in preparation for Summer Sound festival. On the various three stages you’ll get the chance to hear The Coconuts, Mārtiņš Dambis & Co, NiklāvZ, Funky DJ Elegant, The Mary Jane, Greg John, Blue Jean Serenade, Quartet of Five, Sub Scriptum, DJ Martin Birch, Plastic Dummy, Numbers, Chimbars, NeimoM, Four Minute Man.


The performances will take place on three evenings – July 31st, August 1st and August 2nd. The places have been chosen so as not to be the most commonly played ones – Liepajas Petertirgus Market, Kuršu street 11; by the entrance to University of Liepaja, Lielā street 14; and Julianna’s court, Friča Brīvzemnieka street 7. The City stage performances are free of charge.


Summer Sound festival director Uldis Pabērzis says this about the idea of the City stage concerts: “The festival pays more and more attention to the advantages of being hosted by Liepaja. The city offers wonderful chances to use the existing infrastructure in order to supply the city dwellers and guests with great opportunities to listen to music and enjoy other arts. This year our step towards this is going beyond the accustomed festival time and space.”


These performances will warm the city up in waiting for the Summer Sound festival weekend, which will reach its full bloom with the festival weekend of 3rd and 4th of August, on Liepaja’s beach.



These artists have been announced for this years’ Summer Sound festival – American rockband Goo Goo Dolls, the British rockband Coasts, German DJ Alle Farben, Lithuanian Daddy Was a Milkman, the local Musiqq, Aija Andrejeva, Gacho, Labvēlīgais Tips, Dzelzs Vilks, Pienvedēja Piedzīvojumi, Rīgas Modes, Igo, Justs, Sudden Lights, Marta Ritova, Astra The 22’s, Rigga Reggae, Singapūras Satīns, rappers Ansis, Edavārdi and Fakts, DJs Toms Grēviņš and Makree, bands Čipsis un Dullais, Inokentijs Mārpls, Soundarcade, Židrūns, The Bongo Club, The Bad Tones, Múr, Buchares, PODRUGA, DJ Uldis Rudaks.

Lithuania-based musician Andis Grīva with his band – Andis Grīva is WWMM, Lithuanian Colours of Bubbles, Garbanotas Bosistas and Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys and many more.


Right now the special group tickets are on sale – buy six tickets for five tickets price.


In year 2018, Summer Sound will take place for the 8th time, and has undoubtedly become one of the most improtant music events of the Baltic summer. That is confirmed by the thousands of attendees that come each year to the wonderful beach of Liepāja to enjoy musical entertainment and relaxation by the seaside for two whole days. Each year, the festival offers more than 50 artists, as well as providing a menu of various entertaining activities.


Ticket prices for Summer Sound 2018:

2 day ticket – 44€

2 day ticket with tent spot – 49€

Tent city ticket – 7€

VIP ticket – 100€

VIP ticket + parking – 115€


Summer Sound is supported by Liepāja city, you are kindly invited by A/S Aldaris, and the festival is reccomended by the official radio of the festival – Radio SWH.