SUMMER SOUND is a place for the people to have fun, listen to great music, dwell in the amazing atmosphere and be friends with each other. Aggressive behaviour or any other anti-social activity will not be tolerated and there will be consequences – the person responsible will be expelled from the territory with no rights to return.

-From the moment you enter the festival, you may be filmed or taken pictures of, and your image might appear in press, the Internet, or other media, as well as ads in the future.

-Inside the festival, security has the right to go through your stuff and check your ID.

-In the festival territory you must obey the commands from security and the organizers of the festival.

-Some of the places inside the festival territory are not suitable for children. Places with many people, near the sound systems and so on. If you have children with you, keep them close and take good care of them.

-Being close to the sound amplifiers for a long time is not good for your health – keep track of what you’re doing and where you are located during the festival.

-The organizers do not take responsibility for:

-injuries you may have gotten during the festival – use your brain, be careful, don’t overestimate yourself;

-damage of personal property;

-lost or stolen personal property – we advise you to not bring things of great material or sentimental value to the festival or camping place;

-the food, drinks, merch or activities – the local business owners and representatives are responsible for the quality and safety of their product and services.

-Festival will not be cancelled due to a bad weather; tickets cannot be returned.

-The organizers of the festival keep the right to change the schedule without a warning.

-The organizers have the right to ban entrance to intoxicated people, if the security feels they might be a bother and a threat to other people.

-We kindly ask you to use the trash bins in the beach and the park for your trash.


Summer Sound festival territory will be open from Friday, August 3rd, 5 PM, until Sunday, August 5th, 6:00 AM.

There are two entrances – one at the park, at the end of Kūrmājas prospekts; and the other one is in the beach from the direction of Daugavas stadions (Stadium).


Tickets are available at and We strongly advise not to buy tickets from third parties, as they can appear illegal or fake.

Your ticket will be scanned at the entrance, therefore take care of your ticket and don’t give anyone the chance to copy it or the barcode on it – the one who shows the barcode at the entrance first, gets the wristband.

Any ticket or invitation is for both days of the festival.

It is forbidden to sell tickets. Tickets are not to be returned, for they will not be refunded.


By the entrances there will be booths, where you will show your ticket and get a wristband (two wristbands if your ticket provides a camping place).

Ticket booths will be opened at 5 PM on Friday the 3rd of August.

Wristband is mandatory. It can be checked during the festival, or when leaving the festival. If it’s been determined as damaged or invalid, or if there is no wristband, you must leave the festival. It is strictly forbidden to pass the wristband to other persons.


There are no age restrictions to visiting the festival, however there are certain rules:

  • Children under 16 have to be accompanied by an adult, at all times.
  • Children under age 10 may enter the festival for free, but only together with an adult person, who has the ticket and the wristband.


  • professional photo equipment (photo cameras with changeable objectives);
  • any kind of video equipment;
  • umbrellas;
  • weapons, explosives;
  • drugs;
  • food, any kinds of drinks;
  • large objects;
  • any other objects that might threaten or bother the comfort or safety of other people (knives, glass objects, sharp objects and so on);
  • pets.


  • draw open fire (candles, grills, oil lamps, pyrotechnics e.t.c.);
  • use drugs;
  • do any kind of merchandise, advertising or promo activities, without consulting the festival organizers first;
  • film or record, without consulting the festival organizers first;
  • for minors (under 18) –  to buy alcohol or cigarettes;
  • to swim in the sea during night or while under the influence of alcohol;
  • to bother or threaten other people with one’s behaviour.


Summer Sound camping site will be open from Thursday, August 2nd, 5 PM, until Sunday, August 5th, 3 PM.

Camping area will be open only for those who have the camping area wristband, as well as the festival wristband. The camping area wristbands will be available at the entrance to the camping area.

If you already have a ticket for camping area it can be exchanged for wristband at the camping site entrance.

If you don’t have the ticket for camping area, or if you have an invitation to the festival, but you wish to stay at the camping area, you can purchase the camping area wristband at the entrance of camping area. It will cost 10 EUR.

It is possible to park a camper at the camping area, for a certain fee. The camper spots are limited.

At the camping area it is strictly forbidden to:

  • draw open fire (candles, grills, oil lamps, pyrotechnics e.t.c.);
  • use drugs;
  • bring pets;
  • bring any glass objects (also bottles) – broken glass can be a real threat for You and the people around You;
  • do any advertising, promo or commercial activity, without consulting the festival organizers first;
  • be a bother or a threat to the other camping area visitors’ comfort and safety

Welcome to the festival SUMMER SOUND 2018!