Rīga-Liepāja: road A9, about 220km, approximately 2,5-3 hours driving.
Ventspils-Liepāja: road P111, about 120km, approximately 1,5-2 hours driving
Tallinn (Estonia) – Liepāja: road E67 and A9, about 520km, approximately 6,5-7 hours driving.
Vilnius (Lithuania) – Liepāja: road E85 and A11, about 400km, approximately 4,5-5 hours driving.
Klaipeda (Lithuania) – Liepāja: road A13 and A11, about 100km, approximately 1,5-2 hours driving.

A personalized route plan can be created here via Google Maps.

We would like to remind you that there will be no special car-parking site for festival visitors. But it is possible to leave your car in allowed places on streets of Liepāja. Just be careful and watch the traffic signs!


If traveling from Rīga, you can get to Liepāja with train Rīga-Liepāja that leaves from Riga Central Train Station. You can see its location in the map

Train leaves on Friday evening. For more information look here

Train station in Liepāja is called Liepāja. It is located next to the bus station. map


You can find information about public buses from the biggest Latvian cities here

Bus station in Liepāja is called Liepājas Autoosta. It is located next to the train station. map

Liepāja public transport map and schedule can be found here

You have several possibilities how to get to the site of Summer Sound:

  • By Bus: take Street Dzelzceļnieku (Dzelzceļnieku iela) and walk down until Street Brīvības (Brīvības iela), then turn left and walk until Bus Stop called “Olimpiskais centrs” (Olympic Centre). There you need to wait for bus No 2 and go with it until bus stop “Kūrmājas prospeksts” (next stop after stop “Graudu iela”, 6th bus stop from “Olimpiskais centrs”). From here you should be able to see festival entrance.
  • By Tram: there is a tram stop located near the bus station. Take a tram No 1 that goes to direction “Centrālkapi” and go with it until stop called “Pasta iela” (first stop after crossing the river). When you step out of the tram, go a little bit back until Street Jūras (Jūras iela), turn left on this street and walk down it until you will reach the entrance of LMT Summer Sound.
  • Walking: Summer Sound area is located about 2,5km from bus station. You can get walking directions here

There is an airport in Liepāja, located only 5km out of town. Convenient and quick flight to Liepaja guaranteed. You can look for flights here.

If you are coming to Summer Sound from far away and you need to get to Latvia first, you can travel to Riga International Airport that is located near our capital Rīga (about 220km from Liepāja). More information here Once you get to Riga, you can travel to Liepaja with one of the possibilities described in this section.


It is possible to travel to Liepāja by yacht. But make sure to contact Liepāja Yacht Centre first. You can find necessary information here


There is a ferry from Travenminde (Luebeck, Germany) to Liepāja. More information here